Cross compiling the FreeBSD Kernel

Wow, two post in one day already 😉 There are two things I’d like to note. First, I noticed that cross-compiling seems a major issue for me. Don’t know why that is. Second, I need to remember Warner Losh’s post on cross compiling FreeBSD. Essentialy, the procedure is: $ export TARGET=powerpc $ export TARGET_ARCH=powerpc $ […]

Linux KVM (kvm-70) on IBM Open Client 2.2

The Linux kernel-based virtual machine (KVM) is a great way for virtualization on computers running Linux. It requires virtualization support by the host processor (most modern x86 CPUs have this) and a kernel module. The kernel module can be built from the KVM sources. Unfortunately, compiling the module on the IBM Open Client 2.2 distribution […]