Dual Monitor on T60 (Internal + DVI)

I think I’ve found a way to make my T60p use the internal display and also drive an external monitor via the DVI port (on Linux). For some reason, this does not work automatically upon reboot, but has to be done from the command line. aticonfig –dtop=horizontal –screen-layout=left –enable-monitor=lvds,tmds1 Now restart the X server and […]

On some revision control systems

So I’ve long wondered about the advantages of those shiny, modern (distributed) revision control systems that have seemingly become quite fashionable these days. I started with CVS and liked it, but once I moved to Subversion I have started to feel a dissatisfaction with my version control system, the kind that would not go away […]

The TianoCore Contributor’s Agreement

So, I finally found some time to crawl through the TianoCore project’s Contributor’s Agreement. Here’s what I think it means. Preample: So Intel has decided to release some code under what it calls the "BSD license". Personally, I have think the BSD license is something else or maybe even something like this. I don’t think […]

What to do when Parallels brings the System to a halt

I don’t know when this started, but recently whenever I try to start Parallels (which admittedly doesn’t happen very often), my whole System comes down to a halt. Well, not completely, the system is still running, but it won’t even let me switch between applications in a responsive manner. Even the mouse movement isn’t smooth […]