A quick follow-up to "Parallels" for Linux. I’ve managed to run the Windows XP Partition on my Laptop inside KVM-88 like this: #!/bin/sh export SDL_VIDEO_X11_DGAMOUSE=0 sudo qemu-system-x86_64 -hda /dev/sda -net nic -net user -m 1024 -cdrom fixntldr.iso -boot d -usb -usbdevice tablet -monitor stdio To send Ctrl+Alt+Del, I needed to enter this at the QEMU […]

Linux KVM (kvm-70) on IBM Open Client 2.2

The Linux kernel-based virtual machine (KVM) is a great way for virtualization on computers running Linux. It requires virtualization support by the host processor (most modern x86 CPUs have this) and a kernel module. The kernel module can be built from the KVM sources. Unfortunately, compiling the module on the IBM Open Client 2.2 distribution […]

Dual Monitor on T60 (Internal + DVI)

I think I’ve found a way to make my T60p use the internal display and also drive an external monitor via the DVI port (on Linux). For some reason, this does not work automatically upon reboot, but has to be done from the command line. aticonfig –dtop=horizontal –screen-layout=left –enable-monitor=lvds,tmds1 Now restart the X server and […]